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Engage with your workforce


Learn more about your supply chain.

Workers send anonymous feedback and learn about their local rights.

Companies view and analyze feedback, identify trends and risks.

Companies post updates and send polls to learn more from workers

The Worker Connect service is

a worker engagement tool




Project details

Issue reports


Poll responses

Workers send

anonymous feedback

via mobile app

Company views reports

and sends information

back to workers

Complement your existing processes

Add Worker Connect to your worker welfare programme to identify trends and risks related to worker concerns before they escalate.

“It’s engaging for the workforce and at times can make them feel part of the process and included and demonstrates that the SC or PMC really do value their welfare and feelings.”


-Program Manager

The Worker Connect app was designed in collaboration with workers

• Designed for the types of smart

phones workers use

• Workers can choose from common

worker languages

• Workers can access local resources

for assistance

• Completely anonymous to protect workers

• Only worker engagement app made for

the Gulf experience

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